"Greedy little vole" brand to health as the concept
Reading 1922  ·  Release date 2022-03-18

Xiaotianshu(Beijing)Agricultural science and Technology Co., Ltd Signed scientific research cooperation agreement with Institute of biotechology,Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Liz LIU, General Manager of Xiaotianshu(Beijing)Agricultural science and Technology Co., Ltd attended the signing ceremony.

The signing of the agreement is an in-depth cooperation between the two sides in the scientific planting of Wuyou rice No. 4 (Daohuaxiang No. 2).Institute of biotechnology Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences will be fully responsible for the germplasm and planting technology of Wuchang rice planting base of Xiaotianshu(Beijing)Agricultural science and Technology Co., Ltd by collecting, testing and selecting high-quality rice.

Institute of biotechnology Heilongjiang Acadamy of Agriculture Sciences is a high-tech research unit integrating agricultural biotechnology research, application and scientific and technological achievements development.With excellent scientific research conditions, the Institute has built three innovation platforms, including the Key Laboratory of crop and livestock molecular breeding in Heilongjiang Province, the five permanent comprehensive experimental station of the national rice industry technology system, and the post doctoral work sub station of Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences.At the same time, it undertakes genomics, bioinformatics, biotechnology breeding, transgenic biosafety, cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, breeding of excellent rice varieties in the first and second accumulated temperature zones of our province and related technical research.It mainly takes rice, soybean, corn, pumpkin and other crops as the research object, takes agricultural biotechnology and modern crop breeding as the research core, and carries out genetic improvement strategy research and industrial application basic research of new crop varieties;Doing research work on functional gene mining related to important agronomic traits of rice, molecular formattion mechanism analysis of main agronomic traits, molecular breeding of main crops and so on.

Xiaotianshu(Beijing)Agriculture Sicence and Technology Co., Ltd established in May 2021,is subordinate to Lagre(Beijing) Agriculture Sicence and Technology Co.,Ltd.Lagre is the first official institution in China to serve the fertilizer registration and filing of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas.The company cooperates with excellent international fertilizer manufacturing enterprises in more than 40 countries,it has more than 2000 member customers in the global market,more than 200000 agricultural technical services were provided.The technical support projects provided to customers have helped enterprises obtain national and local government and other target projects for many times.Founder Liz LIU, general manager, has been immersed in the field for 20 years and has seen too many agricultural chaos. The ingredients range the field to the table often go through countless chemical processing and lose their original pure flavor.So she sprouted the idea of giving full play to her professional knowledge and advantages to find the true taste of ingredients, so that her family and more people around her can eat healthy, nutritious and delicious ingredients.